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``The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew``

Albert Lee Ueltschi

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Both Pilot & Aeronautical Engineer, with thousands of hours in flights and technical studies, our solution is solidly rooted in a decade of professional experience.

Gilles Bié - X-R Solutions

Gilles Bié

CEO Founder

Aeronautical Engineer, graduate of HEC Paris and Expert-Pilot of Boeing 777 Air France.

Timothée and I are committed to putting our expertise and our varied skills at your disposal, in order to find the best answer to your needs in terms of innovative pilot training.

Timothée André - X-R Solutions

Timothée André

Business Developer

As an ENAC engineer, I completed my entire course in higher education as an apprenticeship in various aeronautical companies (Airbus Helicopters, Air France).

Working the aeronautics industry for 10 years, X-R Solutions is a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions dedicated to aircrafts, offering a higher training and flight safety.

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X-R Solution is a French company working on the development of a new pilot training system based on Extended Reality (XR). Our revolutionary tool, the X-R Trainer, is aimed at airline pilot training professionals.


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