X-R Trainer

Innovative training device : X-R TRAINER

Immersion in these digital realities requires the use of a different device depending on the use. From glasses to wired and wireless headsets, the possibilities are expanding every day.
X-R SOLUTIONS adapts the device to your needs, by proposing the best solution (content), associated with the best visualization system.
We work with all headsets on the market, such as Oculus or HTC for VR, and Microsoft, Lenovo or Varjo for AR/MR.

A solution for professional pilots training

X-R trainer

While VR would be more appropriate in phases of familiarization of the cockpit environment, AR/MR should meet more specific needs of appropriation of normal procedures, as well as reproduction of emergency maneuvers (kinesthetic memory).
Specialized in Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, we can also accompany you, after studying your needs, on any type of JAR-25 or flying club aircrafts.

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X-R Solution is a French company working on the development of a new pilot training system based on Extended Reality (XR). Our revolutionary tool, the X-R Trainer, is aimed at airline pilot training professionals.


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