New Interactive Training : ViCAT

This ViCAT training is based on 4 dimensions:

Visual: 3D vision is essential; it is consistent with the perception that every human being has of the world, through his stereoscopic vision

Call: Any pilot, especially in a crew, uses the call to treat a failure or to perform a checklist. In the same way, the use of an Extended Reality system will allow, thanks to its voice command, to make appear in virtual or augmented reality any element or procedure appropriate to each phase of flight.

Audio : The sounds and noises in the noisy environment of a cockpit are essential elements for situational understanding. The 360° stereo sound emanating from VR, AR and MR headsets will increase this situational awareness.

Touch & Feel : The ambition is to bring the user experience to the highest standards.
Indeed, seeing what you touch is essential, but feeling what you touch greatly improves the perception of information and improves learning.
The goal is to use haptic feedback, thanks to a dedicated device.

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X-R Solution is a French company working on the development of a new pilot training system based on Extended Reality (XR). Our revolutionary tool, the X-R Trainer, is aimed at airline pilot training professionals.


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