Reduce Training Costs

Thanks to the technology and tools we provide, the solutions we are able to offer are more in line with consumer expectations, and will offer a significant reduction in training costs on several levels:

  • Reduction of crew travel. It is no longer the pilots who go to the simulator but the simulator that will go to them.
  • Optimization of the use of your conventional training resources (FFS, FTD, FNPT), thus freeing up time for other uses and/or preventive maintenance.
  • Analysis of crew training data (possible viewing of the session on iPad or personal tablet), allowing a self-assessment of its performance, but also facilitating the debriefing during crew training.
  • The trainee pilot will be able to train according to his needs on any type of scenario (normal or emergency), which will reinforce his skills, the potential stress felt in the simulator, but above all will reduce the difficulties and therefore the failure rate.

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X-R Solution is a French company working on the development of a new pilot training system based on Extended Reality (XR). Our revolutionary tool, the X-R Trainer, is aimed at airline pilot training professionals.


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